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Unique experience with KNX and training programmes makes us the best at what we do. We also tailor courses.   The five day course will finish with two exams before you can become a certified partner.
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About KNX Tech

All things KNX including Domestic and Commercial controls, designer switches and sockets.

Why you will choose KNX Tech?

KNX is the world’s only open standard for building control and automation for residential and commercial projects, to put the intelligence into intelligent buildings.

With over 30 years of technical experience in the industry Niall is the company’s technical director. Qualified as an Electronic Service Technician. Niall has worked in technical roles in the manufacturing, distribution, installation and design side of the industry. A qualified KNX partner and Tutor Niall is the ideal person to design your automation solutions. Working with installers and engineers to solve technical problems is one of Niall’s key strengths. This broad experience leaves Niall in a position to see problems from all sides and ensure KNX Tech deliver real customer satisfaction.

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Facts And Figures about KNX

As the world’s only open standard for intelligent buildings (ISO/IEC 14543-3), KNX has been around for nearly thirty years and now offers an array of over 7,000 KNX Association-approved products manufactured by over 400 suppliers. This means that the specifier can tailor an installation to meet the needs of the building and the end-user, who is never tied to a single proprietary system. Combining complex technology with an easy-to-operate user interface, KNX installations offer simple visualisation, monitoring and control, creating properties that are both comfortable and energy efficient. Indeed, research carried out by the University of Bremen has demonstrated that a KNX building management system can provide energy savings of 40% with shading control, 50% with individual room control, and 60% with lighting and ventilation control.


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