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Your integrated service: design, supply, commissioning. This enables KNX-Tech to offer a more attractive service to architects and M&E consultants who will benefit from a one-stop solution.
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As an independent wholesaler, KNX-Tech can specify the most appropriate component for new projects selected from a range of manufacturers: the KNX protocol ensures interoperability. Continue Reading


Unique experience with KNX and training programmes makes us the best at what we do. We also tailor courses.   2 Days Online, 3 days training centre, 2 exams and you can become a certified KNX partner!
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About KNX Tech

All things KNX including Domestic and Commercial controls, designer switches and sockets.

Why you will choose KNX Tech?

Because it gives your customer a KNX building automation “One Stop Shop”.

KNX-Tech is the leading independent supplier of KNX based building automation products in Ireland.

KNX TECH is the sole agent in ROI for a number of KNX manufacturers.

–  Niall Walsh is the only KNX accredited tutor in Ireland

–  Niall is the President of the Ireland branch of the KNX Association and through this Association has developed excellent personal and working relationships with other international based KNX businesses.

As an independent wholesaler, KNX-Tech can specify the most appropriate component for new projects selected from a range of manufacturers. The standardised KNX protocol ensures interoperability.

–  Home automation is becoming more accessible with the advent of Alexa and other consumer focussed voice control products.

– More architects are understanding the capabilities and home-owners are more savvy about automation features.

– Building automation has always been strong on energy management capability and this is becoming a key driver with increasing regulatory requirements on the energy efficiency requirements for new buildings. KNX-Tech has seen an increase in its turnover, fuelled by increased project activity in this growing market.

KNX-Tech offers an integrated service, i.e.

– design,

– supply,

– commissioning

to its customers.

This enables KNX-Tech to offer a more attractive service to architects, home AV suppliers and M&E consultants starting out in building automation who will benefit from the one-stop solution offered by KNX-Tech over the more complicated approach that requires multi-vendor management for design, supply and commissioning.

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Facts And Figures about KNX

As the world’s only open standard for intelligent buildings (ISO/IEC 14543-3), KNX has been around for nearly thirty years and now offers an array of over 7,000 KNX Association-approved products manufactured by over 400 suppliers. This means that the specifier can tailor an installation to meet the needs of the building and the end-user, who is never tied to a single proprietary system. Combining complex technology with an easy-to-operate user interface, KNX installations offer simple visualisation, monitoring and control, creating properties that are both comfortable and energy efficient. Indeed, research carried out by the University of Bremen has demonstrated that a KNX building management system can provide energy savings of 40% with shading control, 50% with individual room control, and 60% with lighting and ventilation control.


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