Ekinex Assisted Living

Ekinex products have been integrated, equipment and finishes have been chosen with special features, to give priority to the functionality needed by the disabled user. In these cases it is necessary that the structures with which the user comes into contact must be able to interact in order to allow…

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Smart technology in timeless design A new dimension in comfort: Conveniently control all eNet SMART HOME devices with just one app on your phone, from anywhere. Or via wall switch with prominent design. eNet SMART HOME combines building technology with sophisticated aesthetics. INTELLIGENT LIGHT CONTROL Impressive light scenes create a…

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5-star Ekinex KNX lighting control – casaFantini

Living a place rich in history walking in the future, redeveloping an ancient stone and wood building by expanding it with a new structure where the glass elements do not hide but exalt the architectural context, an example of a complete fusion between history and the most modern technologies.  An…

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Examples of Gira KNX in action

Networked, highly-intelligent building technology, a KNX system which links all of the home technology components. A powerful Gira HomeServer is the “brain” where all information merges and is evaluated. The system is controlled at home or while away using an iPad or iPhone, and the Gira visualisation is self-explanatory. Overview…

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Designer Sockets & Switches,

Thousands and thousands of options in Designer switches and socket configurations.  Trims, textures, colours, functions, we have them all and the advice to help you choose.  Gira, Ekinex are just two of the featured product ranges. Gira Gira System 106 DCS door access intercom Intelligent building technology from Gira KNX-tech.ie…

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