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KNX Building Control & Automation: Gira, Ekinex, Dinuy, eNET

KNX Advantages-Of-KNX-January-2018 Gira Gira System 106 DCS door access intercom Intelligent building technology from Gira Gira Door Station Stainless Steel Dinuy KNX by Dinuy home automation and tertiary buildings control Dinuy_LAUKA FLYER_ functions can be assigned to control lighting, move the blinds or memorize moments Ekinex…

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Dinuy PIR Temp & LED Dimmer

A wide catalog of KNX products, the world standard for home and building automation, offering the end user the three basic pillars of home automation: Comfort Security Energy efficiency KNX is the standard in the field of home automation, totally transparent to manufacturers, brands, designs and architectures. Dinuy KNX by…

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