Building Control & Automation, KNX & Designer Switches and Sockets

KNX Building Control & Automation: Gira, Ekinex, Dinuy, eNET

KNX Advantages-Of-KNX-January-2018 Gira Gira System 106 DCS door access intercom Intelligent building technology from Gira Gira Door Station Stainless Steel Dinuy KNX by Dinuy home automation and tertiary buildings control Dinuy_LAUKA FLYER_ functions can be assigned to control lighting, move the blinds or memorize moments Ekinex…

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Ekinex Assisted Living

Ekinex products have been integrated, equipment and finishes have been chosen with special features, to give priority to the functionality needed by the disabled user. In these cases it is necessary that the structures with which the user comes into contact must be able to interact in order to allow…

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