Building Control & Automation, KNX & Designer Switches and Sockets

KNX Building Control & Automation: Gira, Ekinex, Dinuy, eNET

KNX Advantages-Of-KNX-January-2018 Gira Gira System 106 DCS door access intercom Intelligent building technology from Gira Gira Door Station Stainless Steel Dinuy KNX by Dinuy home automation and tertiary buildings control Dinuy_LAUKA FLYER_ functions can be assigned to control lighting, move the blinds or memorize moments Ekinex…

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Self Build

If you have the skills and the time, you might be considering building the house yourself, or at least engaging all the tradesmen yourself.  Will you have an Architect?  What about a Quantity Surveyor? Have you done this before?

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Programming skills, courses/training

KNX TECH’S unique experience with KNX and training programmes makes us the best at what we do. We not only offer course packages tailored to meet our client’s needs.  Our comprehensive courses enable you to gain all the information and practical experience you will need to provide the best service…

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Smart technology in timeless design A new dimension in comfort: Conveniently control all eNet SMART HOME devices with just one app on your phone, from anywhere. Or via wall switch with prominent design. eNet SMART HOME combines building technology with sophisticated aesthetics. INTELLIGENT LIGHT CONTROL Impressive light scenes create a…

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Dinuy PIR Temp & LED Dimmer

A wide catalog of KNX products, the world standard for home and building automation, offering the end user the three basic pillars of home automation: Comfort Security Energy efficiency KNX is the standard in the field of home automation, totally transparent to manufacturers, brands, designs and architectures. Dinuy KNX by…

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Knx Ireland Knx-Tech Gira

Designer Sockets & Switches,

Thousands and thousands of options in Designer switches and socket configurations.  Trims, textures, colours, functions, we have them all and the advice to help you choose.  Gira, Ekinex are just two of the featured product ranges. Gira Gira System 106 DCS door access intercom Intelligent building technology from Gira…

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The Architect KNX Ireland


The architect hired by a client is responsible for creating a design concept that meets the requirements of that client and provides a facility suitable to the required use. In that, the architect must meet with and question the client to ascertain all the requirements and nuances of the planned…

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