Dark energy, the black matt, light switch

Gira E2 in black matt

Gira showcased numerous innovations at the Light + Building 2018 trade fair – products and solutions for the smart home as well as for alarms and security. The Janette Baumann article we posted on the monochrome trend got a great response, so we thought we would follow up n the same theme.

Black – dark and menacing yet refined, pure, elegant and modern.

Architects and designers love the tension and the energy of black. Gira has added the exclusive on-trend colour black matt to its Gira E2 design line – the design classic among the switch series. This is where pure elegance meets formal practicality and high-end functionality.

black matt

Refined, sober, modern, strong and functional. The new Gira E2interface reveals its effect: Black matt. For selected functions. Gira underlines its diversity of design through the Gira E2 design line, now with an exclusive new colour. Expect more from a switch than pure functionality. For example, an irresistible appearance. And a surprising feel.

stainless steel

Designing a building in a consistent design means thinking holistically. Down to the smallest detail. Including switches. Now also in stainless steel as an optical upgrade for the cover frames and inserts of Gira E2. This is value in its most beautiful form. Surfaces with a cool-silver silky lustre in precision-crafted cover frames are one thing above all else: Elegant. Steel.

The entire design line with all its variants includes

  • stainless steel and
  • thermoplastic versions in black matt, anthracite, lacquered aluminium, pure white matt or glossy.
  • Range will also be available in a version for flat-mounting.

State-of-the-art technology is hidden beneath the beautiful surface of the switches and socket outlets

  • electronic components, data and communication technology
  • numerous functions for door communication
  • and for the KNX system.

This is because Gira E2 is part of the Gira System 55. This modular system combines a large selection of modern building technology functions – there are over 300 – with a wide range of design variations from a total of six Gira design lines.

Scheduled delivery date: 10/2018.

https://www.gira.com/en/gebaeudetechnik/produkte/neuheiten.html for the full product line.

Puristic design and durable materials

The Gira E2 switch line combines a clear and uncomplicated design with functional materials and intelligent technology. It is available in shatterproof, UV-resistant thermoplastic in the colours pure white matt, pure white glossy, aluminium and anthracite, as well as in high-quality stainless steel. It allows buildings to be outfitted in a consistent design while being able to differentiate separate areas according to their quality rating. More than 300 functions from Gira System 55 are available for the design line.

New. E2 stainless steel

New frames and inserts in high-quality stainless steel have been added to the successful Gira E2 design line, opening up a whole new set of design possibilities. Planners can fit out buildings with a consistent design, while differentiating different areas in terms of value. The frames display precise worksmanship and surface processing with a permanently attractive, cool-silver satin sheen.


New. E2 flat installation

Gira E2 also offers the option of installing all variants of the design line protruding just 3.4 mm from the wall. This yields even more design options. Suitable devices and flush-mounted sockets are available as accessories.

New diversity

The extended assortment of the Gira E2 design line enables buildings to be fitted with a uniform design, while at the same time varying them by colour choice and value. Stainless steel with a cool-silver satin finish is not only highly aesthetic, but also rust-free, weather and heat-resistant, and naturally antibacterial. The versions in break-resistant, UV-resistant, easy-care thermoplastic cover a neutral grey scale from pure white matt and pure white glossy to anthracite. This lets them fit the most varied architectural styles and they can be combined perfectly with the stainless steel versions of Gira E2.

Intelligent functions for the smart home

Based on the modular Gira System 55, the Gira E2 design line offers more than 300 functions for increased comfort, security, and savings. From smart individual solutions, to door communication, to networked building equipment, KNX or wireless, you can implement your own smart home at various levels of configuration and ready for whatever the future holds.  More

E2 water-protected IP 44

Gira E2 is a design line for flush-mounted installation in dry rooms in accordance with IP 20. However, the range’s switches, buttons and SCHUKO socket outlets with hinged covers can also be installed in damp rooms with IP 44 water protection by using special sealing sets.

A simple, fast and clean exchange.

In general, switches and socket outlets etc. can be exchanged very easily. If you have already installed frames from a line of switches from Gira System 55, it is especially easy – all frames from the Gira Standard 55, E2, E3, Event, Esprit and Classix ranges are compatible with one another. Simply exchange the frames – the existing inserts can continue to be used. This is a simple way to give the room new highlights in terms of colour and material appearance.

Gira E2 in your own surroundings

The Gira Design Configurator quickly and easily provides a realistic idea of how the Gira E2 design line works in a real environment and matches your individual interior design style. The Gira Design Configurator’s fascinating ‘live view’ mode uses a smartphone or tablet camera. The many Gira E2 design options – and, of course, those of the other Gira design lines – can be combined with selected functions from the Gira range in the Gira Design Configurator. The Gira Design Configurator can be called up online or is available as a free app for iOS and Android mobile devices.

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