“Highlighting the sorts of things home automation can achieve with compliance with KNX relegated to an asterisk!!”

Highlighting the sorts of things home automation can achieve

I was at a networking meeting this morning and in the follow up I got a WhatsApp message:

“Question on the KNX home automation standard Robbie. Which (if any) of Apple, Google or Amazon’s home automation products …. are KNX compliant? I’m a fan of and user of home automation….. and I’ve never once heard of the KNX standard.”

While the formal answer goes something like:

“KNX is the only protocol that meets the international standard for building automation and products are available from over 400 manufacturers.   It controls lights heating blinds etc and can be controlled via Alexa, Apple and Google”


His reply to this was brilliant and will form part of our refocussing  of sales and marketing in the 2019:

“It still feels unusual to me that compliance with KNX would be so front and center for (what I perceive to be) a system integrator promoting his service rather than highlighting the sorts of things home automation can achieve with compliance with KNX relegated to an asterisk!!


He gave an example of a Premiership footballer who spent €130,000 on a fish tank an said that the didn’t think the player would have been worried about future proofing the building and maintenance of proprietary Building control and Automation systems.

The house is actually “equipped to the highest standard with Lutron Lighting and blind systems, integrated audio visual and a comprehensive security system with CCTV and fire alarm systems.”

Interestingly in terms of a choice between the two, there is an interface to allow use of the standardised KNX to control Lutron, but I was drawn more to someone asking just this question:


Discussion in ‘Home Cinema Buying & Building‘ started by Akashmohanan, May 4, 2018.

Hi All,

I am new to this forum.

I am in the process of refurbishing my entire house and the planning permission has finally come through! Though probably good 3/4 months away for first fix (if i am lucky). i am looking for a good control system and with my research i have done i am planning for the cinema/audio control to be control4 as it seems to integrate with all systems.

When it comes to building controls i am torn between Lutron or KNX.

Seems it can control everything in house including heating and is open protocol.

Excellent lighting controls but no heating control?

The house will be a 5 bedroom house over 2 floors with all 4 bedrooms upstairs 1 downstairs with open kitchen/living area. External lighting will be required with gate control/cctv etc.

I have an extension which (hopefully!) be man cave/cinema.

Please can you any of you experienced guys give the pros and cons of Lutron/KNX. i know there are other systems but i have narrowed it down to these two.

There are few threads here but seem to old and was hoping for an up to date info.

Any help be great guys

Kind Regards,

  1. Joe FernandJoe Fernand Distinguished MemberAVForums Sponsor

    Who is going to be Designing, Installing, Programming and Commissioning the system?


  2. Hi Joe,

    I dont think i have the expertise to do it myself, will definitely get some one to do this. But i want a non partial advise hence i have posted here rather than getting an opinion of an integrator.

    Thank you,

  3. Joe Fernand

    I would look for the correct choice of Integrator rather than focus on the hardware selection at this stage.

    The hardware manufacturers tend to make it difficult for Integrators to cover every system option which is out there and in truth being a ‘specialist’ with every system would be quite a trick – unless you are a large, multi staffed company.

    Find an Integrator/Integration Co. you can trust and then open the discussion around the hardware choices they can offer you.


  4. Hi, I went for KNX as:
    – it does heating as you point out
    – more choice of switches from different manufacturers
    – I like the open nature
    – I figured it was perhaps more likely to be around in 20 years
    – KNX Integrators that I spoke to seem to come from a domestic electrics background rather than an a/v background which I felt in my case gave me better value.

    As Joe says for sure finding an integrator which is a good fit is probably more important but in my case I went looking for KNX integrators and spoke to a few, worked up a spec, then got them to quote for KNX plus rest of electrical work on the build.

    By the way you will always need more time. There’s a million decisions on a new build so don’t delay on any of them.