Monochrome Comfort and Style – 4-room apartment Home Automation

The Customer

“I’ve never thought about the idea of installing a smart Home Automation system in our flat. It was my husband’s decision. He thought over all the details, chose the system’s functions and invited me to choose wall-mount devices.
It was our common choice to set pushbuttons and displays made in hi-tech style and in white color – the most suitable for our interior. When the system had been installed I was pleasantly surprised. I understood that our smart home was able to anticipate my needs – to
  • set a comfortable temperature in the rooms,
  • switch on the light when I enter and
  • switch it off when I leave
  • and many other things.

I couldn’t even imagine that practically everything in my flat could be controlled from iPad.

It’s a real pleasure to close the curtains while lying in bed or switch on floor heating in the bathroom while being, for example, in the kitchen.

Intelligent pushbuttons and displays deserve special attention. They look so stylish – exactly what we need for our modern interior!”