If it is connected, KNX can control it! What you can do with your building.

Coming into 2018, KNX has 420 companies around the world manufacturing over 7,000 KNX standard approved products. The KNX standard allows control of all aspects of the building environment from energy management, lighting control, security, to fully automating a commercial building.

Smart Phone? Smart Home!

Dimming, colour changing, temperature control all simply managed when you use KNX where sensors allow movement, lights and time to work together to create the perfect environment, even when you are not there, the lighting, curtains etc. look and feel like you are!

You know when you go out during the summer, only to return and the house is roasting as the sun has come around?  How woudl it be if you could manage that with a TV remote control?  Or your Smart Pnone?. And all with out the need for a TV style remote control!

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Designer sockets and switches, intelligent technology

Beautiful and effective, like a quality car, built to be beautiful and the best, our Designer range of stylish switches, sockets and intercoms are simple and easy to use.   Simple and familiar,  they are designed by people who care about making beautiful things as well as effective products. Switches and sockets match with refreshingly different options.

You should need less on the wall if you are remotely controlling devices, which could make the interior design even more appealing!

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Green Energy Management

“You can’t manage what you can’t measure”.

So you are monitoring everything including temperatures and controlling heating and air conditioning, then you can allocate resources to high energy requirements, like water heating, in a way that reduces consumption and hence cost and even energy gathered using solar power.

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Staying comfortable

KNX is controlling all types of heating and cooling in a building’s rooms, like the  radiators, underfloor, air con from all the major KNX manufacturers. Originally designed to control complex heating systems and does intelligently and accurately, minimising energy losses.

First World Problems, the Swimming Pool

KNX controllers can control the pool, chemical introductions,  heat pump, water quality,  temperature,  alerting you immediately of any problems. Using your remote control, you could even start the sauna, steam room or Jacuzzi, so they are just right when you get there!

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Protecting your Wine investment? Or just having it perfectly prepared?

knx-tech wine cellar control

Use Temperature and air quality sensors to monitor then control the Cellar environment.

Taking remote control with you!

How about different pages for different members of the family or your guests? You could have occupied or standby modes activated with a swipe.

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You could create floor layouts showing all the functions in the room showing them on smart devices or wall mounted screens.



Aet alerts to make sure you will be the first to know of a problem or unusual use!

“Hey Siri!”

Siri, Alexa, other voice activated systems are being integrated now to make KNX even simpler and easier to use.


Whatever you decide, KNX-Tech.ie can help you, why not get in touch and have a chat?