Monochrome, Two Tone, it is all thee in Black and White!

Gira showcased numerous innovations at the Light + Building 2018 trade fair – products and solutions for the smart home as well as for alarms and security. Combining this with the article and there you have it, in Black and White!

Monochrome style: The timeless versatility of black and white

Black. White. Beautiful: Gira Studio design line.

The new Gira Studio design line is an eye-catching feature on the wall. Gira interprets light switch shapes and functions in the context of current trends in interior design. The distinctive look is created by directly combining round and square shapes.

The new line can be flush-mounted or surface-mounted. The surface- mounted version in particular has been consciously developed and can be displayed to full effect on bare brickwork, exposed concrete and textured plaster.

“The cover frames are black glass and white glass.”

Surface of flush Mounted Gira Designer Switches.

In the surface-mounted version, the housings are made from robust thermoplastic, just one-gang, in pure white glossy and black glossy.

However, these can be placed next to one another with any number of housings. Flush-mounted cover frames, 1 to 3-gang, are available in pure white glossy and black glossy.

Despite its unique optical appearance, Gira Studio is a consistent further development of the Gira System 55, whose more than 300 functions can be integrated into the new design line.

Scheduled delivery date: 10/2018.

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