The Future of Bells & Whistles in your Home: or what will home automation do for you?

I was reading an interesting article by Jamie Doe about home automation and control, the expectation of lighting, heating, security systems, audio-visual entertainment, blinds and curtains working together automatically,

“… combining to create the perfect energy-efficient, secure and fabulous home.”

I remember in the 80s working in a lighting wholesaler and they got in remote control switches to turn on table lamps!  Wow, on, off.  Then in the late 80s working in an IT company, and they could network computers together, then they could network over the mains!  Dimmers were always around, but they were still “analogue”….. which meant someone had to get up and twirl the knob!

Mr. Doe rightly offers a menu of “wouldn’t it be nice if” options in his article, but your home can be made smart enough to:

“welcome you with the perfect temperature when you arrive back, to have closed the curtains at dusk and to have just the right lighting ambience.”

Gira app from knx-tech.ieNiall Walsh already programmes a “switch to change to another perfect lighting scene” and  Alexa can select a music playlist to match your mood and the lighting too!

I have a doorbell that triggers my iPhone when someone walks up my driveway, but I could use an app to turn security lighting and alarms on in a smart home.

Jamie argues that the only thing limiting what you can do today, is your imagination, but I would argue it is cost.  Retrofit can be a pain and relies not only on wireless connectivity, button accessible light fittings and the existing electrical wiring in the house, even a modern one, may not have the right wiring for the particular shaped dimmer the client wants!

Jamie shows that tomorrow’s smart house “may have become a lot more affordable”.  It is a long-term investment and needs to be flexible and consistent to allow for changes in functionality required and the fashion of the day.

What you choose today might be fine for, say, your growing family, but won’t fit the bill when you are a little older and need to plan for living independently for as long as possible.


The older I get, the smarter I get and the smarter I need my home to be!  But it and Apple's Siri.
Sometimes Siri gets it wrong

also needs to be better insulated, rewired, secured with cctv and alarms, because I am less of a deterrent to burglars than when I was a Junior B GAA full back!

So the investment in smart technology can help me secure my home, get the best out of my gas, electricity and the east west orientation of my house and use the “Boys Toys” like Alexa, Siri to control them using voice.


Using building control and automation, or how to make the Bells and Whistles work.

When someone considers home automation at the moment, they tend to be the high net worth male, who wants his home cinema installed with surround sound and the AV guys are often the first to say….

“well, if you think that’s impressive”

And they get to open up the conversation about turning on the steam room and jacuzzi before the guests actually get to the swimming pool under the front lawn!  While home and commercial AV suppliers have used a number of systems over the years, the longevity of the solution and the availability of proprietary spares, emphasises the need for a standardised approach to control and inter-compatibility of parts to plug in around the home.


Ekinex form knx-tech.ieEkinex suggests 10 good reasons why it is worthwhile to automate the electrical system of a building and make it modern, efficient and safe.

  1. Automation and control make the building current, innovative and prestigious.
  2. Improvement of the quality of life thanks to the greater visual and thermal comfort in the rooms, the ease of use of all the integrated functions, the availability of more information.
  3. Scalability and modularity of the plant.
  4. Control and interaction with the plant from anywhere, locally or remotely and at any time.
  5. Safety and reliability of the system.
  6. Maintenance and increase in value of the property over time.
  7. Saving resources through greater energy efficiency and exploitation of free contributions from renewable sources.
  8. Tax deduction and exploitation of incentives.
  9. Very little difference in the cost of making the system compared to the traditional technique.
  10. Protection of investment over time.

The Solution?

It is already in place, tried, trusted and tested!

what KNX can do for you and your homeKNX IS the world standard for automating homes and buildings. At the same time KNX offers the reliability of a consolidated system, which has been on the market for over twenty years and the dynamism of a rapidly developing system, thanks to the adhesion of manufacturers from different sectors and the constant expansion of the product offer, functions and solutions.

10 valid reasons to choose KNX.

  1. KNX is a world standard.
  2. KNX is a system fully compliant with national, European and international standards.
  3. KNX is available with thousands of devices manufactured by over 300 manufacturers.
  4. KNX is open and interoperable.
  5. KNX is a fundamental system for achieving greater energy efficiency in buildings.
  6. KNX is a SELV voltage system that reduces electromagnetic fields in buildings.
  7. KNX is a consolidated system based on a technology that has been on the market for 20 years and is constantly developing.
  8. KNX is suitable for both new buildings and renovations.
  9. KNX is a protected investment, thanks to the openness and interoperability of the standard.
  10. KNX is a system designed, installed and commissioned by tens of thousands of qualified operators.

Niall Walsh id President of the KNX association in IrelandThe worldwide KNX Association’s certification scheme is your guarantee that they will all work together in perfect harmony and that nothing will ever be out of date. If you needed to make changes years, or even decades, down the road, it will still be a case of plug and play, not rip and replace. If you paint yourself into a corner with a closed, proprietary system,there’s no such guarantee. That’s why I have absolutely no doubt that the KNX approach is best for most of my customers.


KNX-Tech offers an integrated service, i.e. design, supply, commissioning to its customers. This enables KNX-Tech to offer a more attractive service to AV Suppliers, Architects and M&E consultants addressing building automation requirements, who will benefit from the one-stop solution offered by KNX-Tech over the more complicated approach that requires multi-vendor management for design, supply and commissioning.

  • KNX-Tech is the leading independent supplier of KNX based building automation products in Ireland. It is the sole agent in ROI for a number of KNX manufacturers.
  • Niall Walsh is the only KNX accredited tutor in Ireland and through this has contacts with many systems designers and installers who will use components supplied by KNX-Tech.
  • Niall is the President of the Ireland branch of the KNX Association and through this Association has developed excellent personal and working relationships with other international based KNX businesses.
  • As an independent wholesaler, KNX-Tech can specify the most appropriate component for new projects selected from a range of manufacturers. The standardised KNX protocol ensures interoperability.

Why not get in touch? What have you got to lose?

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Article by Robert Moloney.